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Questions about the product.

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How do I add fuel consumption tables for automatic bunkering costs?

Fuel consumption calculations are implemented for our customers on request. You can send us the fuel table for your vessels to or through the messenger window on the bottom right.

The tables should include:

  1. Vessel IMO
  2. Bunker consumption by speed (ideally segmented by DPP/CPP/Ballast but not required)
  3. (Optional) Wind force calculation

We can integrate this data into our recommendations for route deviations, so your crew managers know exactly what each deviation costs.


Questions about using the platform.

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How do I make the text bigger?

One small thing that Users have asked us about is how to increase the size of the text when using Greywing.

If it is too small it can be quite frustrating, especially if you are working on a laptop.

Starting with 67% Zoom…

…and 125% Zoom.

Our best suggestion is to use the following keyboard Shortcuts:

On a Windows PC

Use the keys,

CTRL + to Zoom In

CTRL - to Zoom Out

CTRL 0 to return to a 100% Zoom

On an Apple Mac

It’s an almost identical action: replace the CTRL key with the COMMAND Ket

Use the keys,

COMMAND + to Zoom In

COMMAND - to Zoom Out

COMMAND 0 to return to a 100% Zoom

The best thing about this method is that your browser should remember the setting for each individual website. So each time you log in to Greywing the Screen should be the same way you left it.

Gif Showing the Zoom in and Out Function

Now you can adjust your screen to your pleasure!