February 2021 Round-up

What happened on Greywing

Nick Clarke
CEO and Co-founder of Greywing. @NickGreywing

Welcome to another Greywing update!

In terms of updates to the platform, we have:

  • Added in a Layover-Airport Transfer optimisation to cut down on travel delays for crew and expenses for the companies (who wants to be stuck in an airport or a hotel?) This enables crew managers to look for flights that fall under certain thresholds for layovers, with an intuitive interface.

You can see it in action here.

Release of the new website, with a more intuitive view of how Greywing makes crew changes easier. Check it out here

I am hoping to release details on three integrations next month…. they are arriving like buses - three at a time! 

We have integrations with an Industry Body, a Global Port Agency and a Travel Management Company coming up and we could not be more excited. As always, we’re trying to improve the product by actioning feedback from our users, big or small.