Port call ETAs & ETDs - simplifying voyage planning

Now you can enter specific ETAs & ETDs into CRY4 reports for even more accurate voyage and flight availability prediction.

Nick Clarke
CEO and Co-founder of Greywing. @NickGreywing

Greywing used to estimate your vessels’ ETAs and ETDs based on the speed of the vessel and how much time she spent in port. One of our clients told us that this did not allow for the accuracy that they needed to automate their flight availability predictions. What Greywing does now is to provide specific inputs for ETAs and ETDs to enable much more precise predictions.

We also connect with Veson Nauticals IMOS and Compas Cloud to automate the upload and deployment of Crew and Voyage Data to speed up the process of identifying options for Crew Change.

If you want us to predict the ETAs and ETDs for you the platform is preset to estimate these at a speed of 11 Knots based on the distance. You can also click on additional parameters and this will allow you to enter even more voyage details including speed and whether or not you want the vessel to route through Panama, Suez and the IRTC as per the below photo. The Intel window refers to how recent any piracy or crime-related risk intelligence should be.